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Welcome to the kingdom of board game elves, strategy game wizards, party game magicians, role-playing virtuosos, in short, of all passionate game players.

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Form an elite team and win even more!

Imagine you can join the forces of passionate game players around the same table.  Imagine you can acquire unique prizes.  Imagine you can meet adventurous players ready to take on the most exciting game scenarios…

Imagine Hobby Next!

Go on a treasure hunt

Stay informed about upcoming releases, meet new boardgame partners near you, and spice up your favorite games with goodies, collector figurines, and unique game expansion packs.

Find your favorite local game store and come collect those sought-after treasures.

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And come discover the latest releases. 

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Participate in challenges

Follow your Hobby Next store on social media and be a part of your community's victory.  

Get exclusive treasures

Including collectible accessories, figurines, and new game expansion packs.

Hobby Next game rules

Is it still a mystery how Hobby Next works? Here are the answers to all your questions so as to better understand the basic mechanisms.

What is the Hobby Next site?

Hobby Next is a platform for players who are passionate about strategy games, role-playing games, investigation games, cooperative games, or party games and who want to join a community led by Hobby Next’s independent affiliated game stores.

What can I get with Hobby Next?

To reign supreme in your upcoming games, Hobby Next offers you the opportunity to collect new treasures, otherwise known as goodies. To win a treasure, you must participate in challenges organized by your favorite game store or be one of the first to purchase the game. Depending on the featured game, you will be able to unlock new content or otherwise enhance your gaming experience. To be the first to access these valuable treasures, check the list of goodies frequently and find the Hobby Next store nearest you. The terms and conditions for winning these treasures are specified by each store. They are diffused on their social media or displayed in the store.

What is a Hobby Next store?

A Hobby Next store is an independent game store that has joined the Hobby Next community. In so doing it is able to unlock exclusive advantages reserved to this community.

What is a treasure?

Treasures are goodies. New treasures will be unveiled regularly. Each time you participate in a challenge, you can try to win an exclusive figurine or unique supplemental game cards that will allow you to enrich your gameplay. These exclusive goodies also include boardgame accessories. The terms and conditions for winning these treasures are specified by each store.  They are diffused on their social media or displayed in the store.

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